Purchasing a Yacht/Boat:


Extreme flexibility and compliance are offered to those who would like to purchase brand new yachts and boats that are built to their own specifications and preferences. The process involves reviewing product catalogues, where the specifications of each product item are detailed to the customer. The customer may require the modification of some specs, the addition of some, or replacement of others. All orders include a fully detailed listing of the specifications of all mechanical and electrical items to be delivered to our client.


 Clients are welcome to visit the AS Marine factory to inspect and view the yachts during the various stages of construction and sometimes, last minute changes to the original requirements can be accommodated should this not delay the production schedule. Clients are also invited to select the material, color, pattern or model of many of the items comprising the interior finishing such as lighting, flooring/carpeting, fixtures, electrical equipment, etc..  This is what we call customization at its best!